Elder Abuse Surveillance Investigation

shutterstock_89612782Caring for an elderly loved one takes a lot of time, energy, love and care. Not everyone has the ability or time to care for an elderly parent or grandparent in their home. Because of this, they might need to have their loved one live in an assisted living facility or nursing home. This can be a difficult decision for the caretaker to make, but it might be necessary.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a common issue these days in nursing homes across the country. Many wonder how safe their loved ones are when placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility. The worst feeling in the world is that your loved one is being subjected to some form of abuse. Elder abuse can be physical and emotional.

Surveillance Investigation

A Manhattan private investigator can conduct an elder abuse surveillance investigation for you to determine if abuse is taking place. Should you suspect abuse, it is best to reach out to a private investigator before it is too late. The surveillance investigation can be conducted at the nursing home or at your loved one’s home if he or she receives in-home care from a visiting nurse.

The investigator can pose as a relative or family member in order to visit your loved on in the nursing home or assisted living facility. He or she can ask your loved one specific questions, examine their body for bruises and even nonchalantly talk to staff members to gauge what might be happening.

A Manhattan private investigator knows how to be discreet when it comes to surveillance investigations. This includes the possibility of planting bugs or cameras in the patient’s room in an effort to catch the potential abuse on tape or camera.

Contact NY Private Investigators today to discuss your surveillance investigation needs by calling 855-334-4636. Don’t let another minute pass by and protect your loved ones today from abuse.

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