Five Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating on You

Femme mue aprs une dispute avec son conjoint


Let's face it: nobody wants to think that their spouse could be unfaithful, but unfortunately it can happen. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, you may start looking for signs or even enlist the services of a private investigator in NYC or wherever you're located.  If you sense that things are off between you and your wife or husband, there will often be clues that may confirm your doubt. Here are five obvious and sometimes subtle signs your significant other could have his or her eyes on another person:


  1. He or she sets up an email account without telling you. Obviously wanting privacy isn't necessary a bad thing, but if a significant other sets up a new email account for no reason, it could be suspicious. Other signs for email to watch out for include deleting all emails right away (unless this has always been his or her behavior) and spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer.


  1. He or she spends a lot more time in the gym. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean infidelity, but a spouse that suddenly starts going to the gym more could be looking to improve his or her looks to attract a new person. If your significant other never made it a point to go to the gym and now does rigorous workouts five nights a week, you may want to inquire further.


  1. He or she changes the music they love. Everyone evolves in their music tastes, but a sharp veer right could be cause for concern. If your significant other goes from liking pop to country over night, there might be another influence there.


  1. He or she invests in birth control when it isn't needed. This is definitely a tell-tale sign. If you're on the pill or have had a vasectomy and you find birth control in your home or your spouse's car, this is a red flag.


  1. You just have a gut feeling that something is wrong. There's a reason why the gut is sometimes called the Second Brain. If you feel that something just isn't right, it's never a bad idea to go with that feeling. Things might not necessarily be wrong, but it is certainly worth exploring at the very least to improve your relationship with your significant other or provide the evidence you need to seek a divorce case.

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