Four Things Your Divorce Lawyer Wishes They Could Tell You

divorce lawyer

Divorce is one of the most common reasons why private investigators are contacted for their services. Divorce can be ugly, and that’s why everybody will tell you to hire some kind of legal representation before you go to court. Your divorce lawyer is supposed to be your advocate and confidante. You may tell them everything about yourself, but there are a lot of things they can’t talk to you about, but wish that they could. If you’re about to go to battle in divorce court, know that if you’re lawyer could be 100% honest with you that they would tell you the following:

Your spouse’s transgressions don’t erase yours

The private investigator in NJ you hired didn’t just discover that your spouse is cheating, they also noticed that they have a gambling problem and a potential drinking problem. That can definitely help your case, but it may not help as much if you’re also unfaithful, gambling, and drinking. Too many soon-to-be divorced men and women spend too much time dwelling on what their spouse did, and forget that they may not have been the perfect partner. Don’t try to hide your transgressions from your lawyer or play them down in court. Be 100% honest, and realize your bad behavior could come back to haunt you in court.

You’re venting a little too much

Divorce lawyers know better than anybody you’re going through a tough time. They need to know you hired a private investigator because your spouse is cheating, but they don’t need to hear about how much you hate the proven cheater. Turning your attorney meetings into vent sessions may help you feel better, but they’re cutting into valuable time for planning and working. Find a therapist or counselor if you’re upset, and keep the meetings with your lawyer as professional as possible.

The case isn’t over after the divorce is finalized

Do you think that most divorce cases being heard in court are about going through the actual divorce process? A lot of divorce cases deal with the division of property, custody agreements, alimony payments, and other issues that arise far after a divorce is granted. This is precisely why lawyers on both sides of the case urge their clients to find some way to be civil with their ex-partners. You may no longer be married, but your lives will still be connected for years to come.

Divorce is a long process

If you’re going through a divorce you want things to be finished as soon as possible. Unfortunately, like most legal matters, divorce takes time. You will have multiple visits and phone calls with your lawyer. You will find yourself in court more than once. You may walk away from a deal, or your former spouse will. Most clients don’t want to hear that when they’re reeling from a broken marriage, but the sooner you get the idea out of your head that you’ll be done things in no time, the better off you’ll be.

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