Hiring a Private Investigator During the Holidays

While the holidays are without a doubt a great time of the year to connect with family, friends and meet new acquaintances, it is also a prime time to catch a potentially cheating spouse or partner.  Couples that are affected by the questions and suspicion surrounding a relationship can potentially discover an increase in the behavior of a cheater.  In fact, most private investigators find that it is generally easier to catch a cheater during this time of the year.  Check out the reasons below why hiring a NYC Private Investigator can be a great decision during the holidays.

-    Holiday Gifts Can Be a Tip-Off

Lavish gifts and even moderately expensive gifts can be a sign that one's partner is possibly cheating.  These types of gifts generally cannot be purchased aside from some sort of debt, which usually falls into the category of a credit card.  A private investigator has an excellent chance of catching the cheater through phone and credit card bills.

-    They Will Visit the Cheating Partner During This Time

It is actually easier for a cheater to find excuses to go out and visit another partner due to the fact that shopping season abounds; this makes a great excuse for slipping out of the house here and there.

-    Mistakes Are Made This Time of Year

It is difficult to have the ability to see two different people at once, but the cheater often wants to spend time with both partners this time of the year. The pressures of the holiday season could mean the potential for the partner to forget to log out of accounts, leave clues lying about and other mistakes that could tip them off.  An experienced investigator will have the expertise to jump on these mistakes.

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