Reasons for Hiring a Private Investigator

a detective or a paparazzi taking photos from inside a car

Private investigators help people find out information about friends, family members, possible employees, supervisors and even companies or private entities. When people suspect something is wrong in their life, whether personal or work-related, they can hire a Monmouth County private investigator to find out what exactly is going on. Here are some reasons for hiring a private investigator.

Background Check on a Business

You might be dealing with a business as part of your job. Maybe something just seems a little off about said business. How can you find out? By hiring a private investigator. A PI can perform some digging into the business to find out its culture and values by speaking with current and former employees.

Identity Theft Investigation

A private investigator can also help conduct an identity theft investigation. If you believe or know your identity has been stolen, a PI can conduct an investigation into this problem. The PI can look into who stole your identity, how it was stolen and put together a report that you can submit to your local law enforcement agency.

Discovering Assets

If you are headed for divorce from your spouse, a Monmouth County private investigator can help discover assets that might be hidden. Hiding assets is illegal and people headed for divorce might do this in an effort to make sure the division of assets is not done equally.

Criminal Investigations

Some law enforcement agencies are hiring private investigators to lead or assist with criminal investigations due to lack of staffing. PIs are routinely hired to conduct investigations into crimes that occur on the Internet.

Document Verification

Do you need a document such as a passport verified? A private investigator knows how to verify passports and other types of documents from around the world.

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