How to Help Your Private Investigator

shutterstock_108299963Did you hire a Manhattan private investigator to help you locate a missing person? If so, there are multiple things you can do to assist them in finding that individual. Whether you are trying to track down a loved one, a relative or someone whose been dodging you for child support, a private investigator can help locate them. To make their efforts more successful, there's some information that you can supply them with to help in the search. Here are some useful pieces to the puzzle:

Last Known Location

One of the first things you can do is tell your private investigator the last known location of the person you are trying to locate. Whether they were at home, at their job or at school, this information can play a critical part in their finding.

Internet Presence

Does the individual have any social media accounts that you follow? If so, this information may lead to the discovery of where that person is and the private investigator can follow up on those leads. Perhaps they've checked into a restaurant or they geo-tagged some kind of social media post…any kind of identifiable trace on the internet can help.

Nicknames & Aliases

Sometimes if an individual leaves on their own accord, they may use nicknames or aliases to cover up their identity and if you know of any, the private investigator can look into those false names. Additionally, if you can recall any old hangouts they notoriously would stop by, let your investigator know because that individual may still be roaming around that area.


Giving your private investigator pictures of the individual can help tremendously in the search because they can put a face to the name. If you don't have any pictures, describe their appearance as best you can and make sure you tell the private investigator of any distinguishable marks like tattoos or piercings.

Remain Hopeful

It is hard to judge how long it will take to find a missing person and the best thing you can do is to remain hopeful. Your private investigator will track down leads until they can find out where the individual is but you must understand the process can take a long time. But, if you come across any clues during the search, be sure to inform your private investigator because every piece to the puzzle is extremely helpful.

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