Private Investigators in the News

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Private investigators often play important roles in some of the most significant events in the news, whether unearthing the truth about cases or offering expert insight. Here are some of the latest examples of private investigators in the news:


PI takes on Christina Bussell case

More than five years ago, Christina Bussell of Winfield, Tennessee went missing. So far, investigations have turned up no answers to the questions of what happened to Christina.


This month, the Independent Herald reported that a local private investigator has accepted the Bussell case free of charge, “hoping to bring closure to the family of the Winfield woman.”


PI reports missing six-year-old found

When a six-year-old girl went missing from Waikato, New Zealand, her mother hired a private investigator who is a specialist in child recovery. Last week, after almost a month of searching, the investigator reported the girl has been found in New South Wales, Australia.


The investigator said a member of the public spotted the girl as a result of posters that had been put up along the coast.


PI offers advice on cheating husbands to Bravo TV

According to an article published earlier this month on Bravo TV’s website, “85 percent of women who think their husband is cheating are correct, while 50 percent of men are on the money. The other half are paranoid.”


However, one private investigator offered his experience into the matter, claiming that “100 percent of women who have hired him to catch cheating husbands have been correct.”


“A woman’s instinct is always right,” said the investigator, who also offered clues and patterns that could suggest marital infidelity.


PI joins search for man accused of shooting a police officer

Also earlier this month, WTFV reported one private investigator traveled two hours from out of town to help police track down the man accused of shooting an Orlando police sergeant.


“The woman believes that because she does not wear a badge, she has a better chance of getting intel in Pine Hills,” the article said.


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