Reasons for the Cheating Spouse or Partner

What leads to infidelity in a relationship? There are three main precursors to cheating.

The number one reason behind an affair is that communication in the bedroom has broken down. Or, for that matter, all communication between the two partners in general has broken down. It could be due to stress, medical problems, addictions, or the actual act of cheating. There are many reasons behind a communication breakdown, and in many cases, it leads to infidelity.

The second reason for infidelity in a marriage or relationship is that someone else is paying a lot more attention to your partner than you are. As a result, their emotional needs are now being met better than before, and this can lead to a physical relationship with that person who is giving them the attention they desire.

The third reason for cheating is the spark and the new thrill that comes along with it. The excitement of something new and different is sometimes too tempting to turn down for some spouses.

Regardless of what causes the infidelity, cheating can lead to a nasty divorce or breakup. Are you wondering if your significant other is being unfaithful? In a future post, we will get into the signs of the cheating spouse or partner, so be sure to check back on our blog.

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  1. What i think is that if you think your husband may be cheating take a few minutes to check out his car.
  2. peye007
    Great point. If you have access to the vehicle make a daily log of how many miles he does. Also like you said check the car. Sometimes a trove of information can be found.

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