The Warning Signs of a Cheater

In a digital age where it is actually quite easy to get in contact with millions and millions of individuals around the world, one can imagine how it could potentially foster distrust and cheating habits within a relationship.  Those who have a "gut instinct" that their spouse or partner is cheating will generally be right about ninety-nine percent of the time; the key aspect is actually finding the evidence and confronting the perpetrator.

Take a look at some of the warning signs of potential cheaters:


Lack of Sexual Desire

A lack of sexual desire is often a surefire way for spotting a cheater.  The sudden disinterest is usually associated with one having no desire for their partner or spouse, the sexual needs being met elsewhere or a method for avoiding the sight of evidence such as sexual marks on the body and so forth.

Hiding Mobile Devices

Smartphones and cell phones are prime examples of the ease of access one can have with other individuals.  If your spouse or partner is constantly checking it, keeps a password on it to lock it, or hiding it when you are around, it would seem logical to question why.

Cannot Account for Time

With no alibi in place, the spouse may create lies upon lies to account for where they have been.  Eventually the ruse will fall short, since it is nearly impossible to come up with a feasible excuse for every disappearance.

Mood Swings

While it is perfectly natural to have some sort of mood swing occurring every so often, the abruptness of it when it occurs excessively could be a significant warning sign.  Cheating and lying has a profound impact on the human psyche and guilt can manifest itself in mood swings.

Ultimately, to be certain of infidelity, a private investigator in NYC is often the best route to take if you want to be certain of your fears or concerns.

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