Tips for Choosing the Right Private Investigator in Brooklyn, NY


When many people think of private investigators, they think of homicide detectives or investigators hiding out in bushes. That’s not the case. Private investigators do much more than investigate murders. Private detectives investigate everything from spousal abuse, theft and sexual harassment to fraud, missing persons, custody disputes, and cybercrime. Private investigators in Brooklyn, NY collect evidence using surveillance  for divorce proceedings, asset location, missing persons, and background checks for potential employees. They can be hired by essentially anyone, including individuals, law firms, and businesses.

If you are in need of a private investigator in Brooklyn, NY, it’s important that you find one who is reputable, reliable and ethical. Consider these tips for choosing the right private investigator in Brooklyn, NY.

Is the PI licensed? – The first step to choosing a reputable private investigator is making sure he/she is licensed. Contact the licensing division of the NY Department of Consumer Affairs to confirm the detective is licensed and insured.
Check the PI’s experience – Find out the private investigator’s experience to see if they are a good fit for you. Whether you were sexually harassed at work or need an employee background check, find a detective who specializes in your area. Also, see how well the detective has satisfied his/her client in the past. Conduct an internet search and call the NY Association of Private Investigators to see if any complaints have been filed.
Make sure the PI can testify in court – Even if you don’t think you’ll need a court case, it’s important that your private investigator has the right skills to testify in court just in case. Find an investigator who knows how the system works and can produce evidence that will stand up in court. Make sure the investigator is prepared to testify in court in support of the evidence he/she uncovers.
Understand the fees – Only choose an investigator who will clearly spell out the fees. Tell the detective exactly what you need done and ask how much it will cost. Before speaking to the investigator, do some research on how much the work you need done actually costs so you’ll know if you are being overcharged.
Does the PI work out of an office? – Make sure the private investigator works out of an office. If not, you may have a hard time getting in contact with your detective. Or worse – the detective could easily run off with your money without resolving the case.

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