Tips for Working with a Private Investigator



The need for a private investigator can arise at any time in life. Private investigators are hired to handle quite a range of cases. From corporate investigations to finding missing persons; a private investigator in New York will be able to handle just about any case. Today, we will take a look at some important tips to follow when you need to work with a private investigator.


Provide Information


The most important thing you must do is provide the PI with as much information as possible. There is the possibility that you don’t have much information to provide, which is quite common, but you still need to push the PI in the right direction. If you are looking for a missing person, be sure to provide a picture, physical description, and any other identifying marks. If you are using the PI to conduct an investigation into missing funds, provide financial records.


Step Back


The reason you hired the private investigator in New York was so the investigation can be handled by a professional. Once you have an initial consultation, sign the contract, and provide the proper information, be sure to step back from the investigation. Don’t remain fully involved in what is happening. Let the PI handle the investigation from here. If they need anything else they will get in touch with you.


Answer Questions


If, for some reason, the private investigator needs to interview you as part of the investigation, be sure to answer the questions. Never brush the PI aside simply because you were the one who hired them to conduct the investigation. PIs are required to conduct due diligence on all of their cases. Plus, some of the questions might help get your case solved quicker.


The next time you need to work with a private investigator in New York be sure to follow the tips outlined here.

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