Understanding and Recognizing Cyber Infidelity

It’s without a doubt that the Internet has become an integrated part of most people’s lives. We use the InternPeye Investigator Pictureet for work, school, shopping and so much more. While the Internet can be very useful, it has also become a breeding place for divorce.

Although typical affairs used to start in the office, with the vast reach of the Internet, infidelity has made its way into couple’s homes. And while Internet infidelity may seem harmless because of the lack of physical contact, cheating online is just as serious as cheating in person. It can trigger marital problems or worsen existing problems between couples.

Defining Cyber Infidelity

Cyber infidelity is having an emotional or sexual relationship with someone online while being in a spousal relationship.

Why Cheat Online?

As experienced private investigators in New York City, we hear this question often. The Internet is an easier and safer way of meeting people than in person. Also, the Internet lets you paint a portrait of yourself and you can be whoever and whatever you want to be. You can lie about your education, career, financial income and anything else you want to. This helps people fill a lagging self-esteem.

Signs of a Cyber Affair

If you believe that your spouse is cheating online, below are a few common signs he or she may be having a cyber-affair:

  • Hiding Internet use: Moving a computer in an open location to a more private area to hide online activity.
  • Changing passwords: Switching online passwords to keep conversations private and refusing to disclose the new passwords.
  • Staying up late or waking up earlier than usual: Cyber cheaters go online at these times since their spouse is sleeping.
  • Spending less time at home. Online cheaters will spend more time away from home in order to go somewhere more private to contact the individual they’re having a cyber-affair with.

Determining if Your Spouse is having a Cyber Affair 

If your spouse's behavior has changed in the above ways, then there could be a chance that they are having a cyber-affair. Reading emails and checking web browser history are common ways to verify your spouse’s online activity. Cyber spying software for computer monitoring is available and tracks all online activity and conversations.

The sad reality is that frequently these online relationships grow to real world relationships. When this happens, it may be time to hire a private investigator in New York City to get the proof you need.

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