Understanding the Difference between Missing Person Cases & Kidnappings



While some people may place kidnapping and missing person cases into the same category, they are actually very different types of cases. The primary difference between the two is this: missing persons leave voluntary, while kidnapped persons are taken against their will. Our private investigator agencies in New Jersey and New York have over 25 years of experience with resolving missing persons and kidnapping cases. Let's take a closer look at the different kinds of these cases and how they are handled.

Missing Persons Cases

A missing person is someone who has gone missing voluntarily. A person can go missing for a variety of reasons, including mental illness, marital problems, abusive relationships, financial problems, or substance abuse. In many cases, going missing voluntarily is not a criminal offense. However, if the person is running away from legal troubles or owes debts, then they could face legal action.

Our private detectives separate missing persons into three distinct categories. The first is a person who has left their location voluntarily. This person does not face legal action and can be a friend, neighbor or relative. A runaway teenager would also fall into this category. Someone in this category usually shows up voluntarily within 48 to 72 hours.

The second category is someone who has legal troubles or owes debts. This person is called a skip and is harder to locate. Most people in this category are either a criminal running away from the law or a deadbeat parent who hasn't paid child support.

The third category is the toughest to deal with emotionally and can involve foul play. This category is kidnappings.

Kidnapping Cases

A kidnapping case involves someone who has not left voluntarily. The person has been taken against his/her will. Kidnapping is a felony, so the kidnapper will face a prison sentence. A kidnapper can be a random person or someone you know, such as an ex-lover or deadbeat parent. Not all kidnapping cases result in injury; some kidnappers may be holding the person hostage for ransom.

Regardless of the type of missing person case, our private investigator agency in NJ will see that it gets resolved. Our Missing Persons Division specializes in all types of missing persons and kidnapping cases. If you are in need of private investigator, please contact us right away: 855.334.4636.

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