What Are High-Profile Corporate Investigations?


Do you have suspicions that someone from your company is embezzling money? Or, do you suspect an executive is harassing employees or committing an illegal crime? While discovering the truth behind a corporate investigation can be a hard experience for your company to endure, it's important that you get the issue resolved so you can move forward. Our private investigators in NYC have the skills, experience and expertise to resolve high-profile corporate investigations confidentially and secretly.

What makes a corporate investigation high-profile?

A high-profile client can be described as someone who is the public eye or someone who the media shows intense interest in. A case is high-profile because it has grabbed the attention of the media and the public. Therefore, high-profile cases are highly publicized and constantly in the news. The nature of the case can also cause it to become a high-profile investigation, such as financial or criminal fraud. A high-profile case can pose a large risk to the reputation of the organization or individual involved.

A famous example of a high-profile corporate case is the Enron Scandal, one of the largest cases of accounting fraud in history. Enron was once the world's top energy-trading and utilities company. The company's executives used accounting practices that falsely inflated the company's revenues. Once the fraud was discovered, the company quickly fell apart and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2001.

Another famous high-profile corporate investigation is the major Ponzi scheme committed by the Standford Financial Group of Companies. The investigation unveiled massive fraud and U.S. securities laws violations, making it one of the biggest cases of fraud in history. Once the fraudulent behavior was exposed, the company was shut down.

Hiring a Private Investigator

To prevent your company from enduring a massive high-profile corporate case, you should contact a private investigator in NYC right away. A private detective can conduct background checks and surveillance to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it before it gets too out of hand.

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