Who Hires Private Detectives in NY?

New York has a lot of private eyes, both in the movies and in real life. But many people don't understand what a real private detective does, or who hires them. So who needs a private detective in New York City? Here is a list of some of the most common types of clients:


Law firms – Attorneys are in the business of winning cases, and winning cases requires evidence. For any given private detective in New York City, law firms probably make up a sizable chunk of the clients. In rare cases, law firms need a vital piece of evidence that will clinch a major trial, bringing a courtroom victory. More often, lawyers just need confirmation of a hunch or a minor piece of evidence that can be used in negotiation with opposing counsel. Showing that the law firm has gathered strong evidence may be enough to get a quick and favorable settlement in many types of cases.

Insurance companies – Similarly, insurance companies have regular demand for good private detectives. But where law firms work on a wide variety of case types and could need all sorts of evidence, insurance companies usually just need one thing: proof that a claim isn't as severe as a customer is making it sound. For example, if a person was involved in a car accident and claims that the whiplash is so severe they cannot work, the insurance company may be counting on a private detective to catch them walking around without a neck brace or doing physically demanding activities. One photo could be enough to definitively end legal action and deny a large settlement.

Other businesses – It's often said that a business is only as good as its legal team. Contracts are supposed to be iron clad, but all too often a vendor or partner does not deliver as promised. Again, resolving this favorably means getting evidence. A business may need evidence that another entity did not do what it promised to, or may need proof that a product flaw involved intentional corner-cutting. Either way, it's common for a private detective in New York City to get a call from a business owner who needs evidence of a contract breach—discreetly and quickly.

Anyone! – The truth is that anyone can be wronged by another human being, and resolving such wrongs often means gathering evidence. Whether it's someone going through a divorce, a parent who wants child custody or a worker who has been wrongfully fired, a private detective is a good way to get proof of wrongdoing.

Have you ever needed to hire a private detective in New York City?

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