Missing Persons Investigations

National Investigations Inc. is the most trusted and comprehensive private investigations firm that serves New York and New Jersey. Our Missing Persons Division specializes in locating people all throughout the country and for over 25 years, our highly skilled skip tracers have successfully found missing people. We understand how sensitive it is for a close one to be missing, whether they left on their own accord or disappeared.

As a privately contracted missing persons investigator, our team thoroughly examines the circumstances surrounding the unknown whereabouts of an individual. We have three categories that define a missing person:

  • Category 1: A person left voluntarily
    • The missing person could be a family member, friend or a loved one who you've lost contact with. This category also includes runaway teenagers.
  • Category 2: A person left voluntarily but is much more difficult to locate - we refer to this as the 'skip'. Generally, the 'skip' consists of criminals who are running and hiding from law enforcement.
  • Category 3: A person did not leave on their own accord and may have been abducted or kidnapped.

Regardless of which category the individual falls into, we take all missing persons investigations extremely serious to locate the individual. We work in all types of missing person cases like locating biological parents, military friend, parents who owe child support, missing spouse, etc.

If you are looking to contract a missing persons investigator, let National Investigations Inc. help you! Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation by calling (855)334-4636 and get the help you need. We have affordable fees when it comes to missing persons investigations and our success rate is high!