Infidelity, it’s one of those words we always say with a bad taste in our mouth. We all hope when we finally make that big plunge into the married world, that the two words ‘cheating’ and ‘spouse’ never make their way together. Yet they sadly do, people are imperfect after all. The challenge of discovering if your spouse is cheating can be a fraught with emotion and distress. The atmosphere it creates can make life miserable. Don’t turn a blind eye to it though, it is important for your emotional stability to know the truth and be able to live in peace. Stop hesitating to uncover the truth about your spouse. You deserve to really know whether they are being honest or not.

Here are a few tips that may indicate a suspected spouse. Remember, none of these are absolutes, but it is important to pay close attention:


  • S/he starts working longer hours more frequently and can never be reached at work.
  • When you find out your spouse had off from work one day, but they told you they were going to work.
  • Unusual phone numbers and long calls begin appearing on the phone bill.
  • If you find strange hair in the passenger seat of their car or the seat is adjusted differently from when you last were in the car.
  • If your spouse begins making a lot of changes that seems random or sudden. Such as starting to do laundry after never doing it in the past and not being asked to start doing it. Or if s/he joins a gym and begins working out excessively when before they hated exercise.
  • If your spouse seems like they are always tired and demonstrate a lack of energy in the relationship.
  • If your spouse suddenly asks about your schedule more often than usual; wanting to know where you’ll be and when.
  • If your spouse suddenly begins being extremely nice towards you or starts ignoring almost everything you do.
  • If friends and/or co-workers begin acting strangely or uncomfortable around you. This could be because they know about the cheating or have heard stories about it, and feel awkward being around you without telling you.

As you can see, there are many possible indicators that your spouse is cheating, and there are many more beyond this. National Investigations, Inc.’s core purpose is to help spouses learn the truth. We offer a free initial consultation in which your case will be discussed and decided on by you and your investigative case manager. Some cheaters are habitual, while others are discreet and infrequent. Investigations could take as little as a few days for a habitual cheater or several weeks for someone who cheats infrequently. NY National Investigations, Inc. takes all of its clients seriously and will provide when possible, both written reports and video documentation.


It matters to us that you are able to put those doubts and feelings of mistrust to rest. We use honest and reliable methods, and have a moral compass. We are dedicated to the facts, and strive for peace of mind. Confidentiality is assured. Do you live in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, NY or NJ area and have questions or are looking for more information? Call us today at 1-855-334-4636.

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