Matrimonial Infidelity

Marital infidelity is one of the most severe and difficult situations to deal with in a marriage. Suspecting a spouse of cheating can create confusion in the relationship, distrust and a difficult environment. If there is even a reasonable doubt that the other is cheating, the "gut-feeling" is often proved correct.

Matrimonial investigations are the core business of National Investigations, Inc and generally require several days or weeks to complete. Some individuals are habitual cheaters, while others are quite discreet. How your particular case will be handled will be discussed and decided by you and your investigative case manager during your initial free consultation. The length and cost of the investigation depend on the habits and the routine of the subject. For example, if your spouse is constantly away from home, there would seem to be more opportunity to sway and therefore more opportunity for us to watch. Conversely, if your suspected spouse is only out once or twice a month, this means less opportunity and, less chances for us to observe.

Stop torturing yourself with naggings questions and doubts about what your spouse is doing when they are not with you and learn the truth. Our NYC Private investigators conduct the investigation promptly and respectfully. We do not judge, but simply report what we see. In most cases, written reports and video documentation are provided. Confidentiality is assured.

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