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National Investigations Inc. has a simple message for everyone who uses a computer: IF YOU GO ONLINE YOU ARE VULNERABLE.

Think about it this way: if the government’s web sites are vulnerable to cybercrime we are all easy targets. Cybercrime throughout the United States is a major problem. An example would be if you found a computer virus, however unsuspecting to you, a cyber criminal might have stolen your personal information. The criminal can sell your information or steal money out of your bank accounts, which could lead to identity theft. Other crimes on the computer include denial of service, malware, cyber stalking, phishing scams, harassment, threats, cyber bullying and hacking. Our computer forensic experts and private investigators in NYC will identify, analyze and preserve the evidence. This will help us determine who committed the online violation or crime. In a divorce or infidelity case our computer forensics experts can recover e-mails, messaging, web sites visited, and deleted documents. For corporations our experts can identify theft of company secrets, financial crimes, embezzlement, employee sabotage or sexual harassment. Our computer forensics experts will help you investigate any crime or incident related to a computer.

Most people using these sites do have good intentions, but beware some do not. Online dating sites and social networking sites are here to stay. The reality is many online daters have been victims of fraud and scams. Unfortunately the risk for abuse, fraud and scams is on the rise for the unsuspecting online dater. Our private detectives in New York and New Jersey will provide an online dating background check. The background investigation will determine who the person claims to be, marital check, employment verification, and surveillance if you need to know more. Don’t be a victim of deception. Online daters who have called us to conduct a background check from inception of meeting a new online love have been spared the possibility of a scam. If you are already involved with an online date and have been a victim of deception or your inclination is telling you something is not right we can still help.

Our private investigators in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx are all licensed in New York State and Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Union, Middlesex and Monmouth in New Jersey.

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